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Raptr Updates: Feed, follow, watching rewards, notifications

Hey all –

We’ve made quite a few site improvements today; here’s a rundown of the latest updates.

Community feed

We’ve revamped our community feed with you in mind. Each post now has more real estate, with larger thumbnail images, author names, and avatars.

But wait, there’s more.


With your feedback in mind, we’ve replaced our voting system with a more familiar tune, the “Like” button. Now you no longer have to worry about your posts getting a :( ever again!

Following posts

Looking to keep tabs on a hot post you’re heavily involved with? Now you can with our “Follow” button. Just give a post a follow and you’ll get notifications for its latest activity.


And if you’re looking to not see a post again, just click “Hide” and it will be removed from your sight!

Watching rewards

Eagerly awaiting our next big Raptr Reward but don’t want to constantly click refresh? Now tracking a reward is easier. Click “Watch” and we’ll notify you immediately when a reward becomes available.

We’ve revamped notifications — we’ve made it easier for you to see when people have commented and liked your content. For those into messages in a bottle, we apologize.

Tune in to Raptr Tracks for our latest Desktop App upgrades coming soon!

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