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This Week in Raptr: TERA Q&A, Reviews, Contests, Community Highlights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on!

Raptr Q&As: TERA and more!

This week’s Raptr Q&A is featuring not one, not two, but three notable members from the En Masse team. TERA producer Chris ‘Chager’ Hager, associate producer Patrick ‘Treeshark’ Sun, and community manager Catherine ‘Minea’ Park will be answering your questions on Wednesday, October 24th from 10AM to 6PM PST. Get your questions in now; the top 10 questions as determined by Raptr staff will win a $25 in-game Night Mare mount for TERA.

And if that’s not enough TERA Halloween spirit for you, check out our TERA Halloween Screenshot Contest as well as the latest Halloween festivities brought to you by En Masse.

Coming up on Raptr Q&As: developers from Tribes: Ascend, League of Legends, EVE Online, and more! Tune in to future This Week in Raptrs for the latest Q&A news.

Raptr Reviews: Dishonored, Borderlands 2, XCOM
We asked and you delivered! For most gamers on a budget, buying a game usually depends on the latest reviews. With Raptr’s Reviews, we’re bringing the opinions of gamers like you to you! Read what our Raptr community has to say about a few of the latest holiday titles and decide which game is worth your precious golden coins.

FanboyHunter exclaims that “Dishonored is a fresh take on the action stealth genre. The beautiful thing about Dishonored is that it conforms to your playstyle. Want a pure stealth game? You can climb, teleport, and sneak around while incapacitating anyone who gets in your way. Want an action game? Pull out your sword and pistol, use your magical powers and slaughter your way through all who stand in your way!” In Dishonored, nothing is impossible when it comes to disposing of your foes.

Raptr community member masofdas says that Dishonored is a “great game, which unfortunately doesn’t reach 5 stars due to the length.” Feel free to insert all your dirty jokes in the comments.

Borderlands 2
I wub, wub, wub Borderlands 2 and so does Stoical Ronin, who says that it “takes everything from the first game and turns it up to 11!! “

Raff Tiger agrees, stating, “If you loved Borderlands 1 there’s more to love in Borderlands 2. Lots of small but significant tweaks to the mechanics make this a much more polished and enjoyable experience.”

We at Raptr, enjoy what you have to say so keep the Dishonored and Borderlands 2 reviews coming! Likewise, we’re still looking for some XCOM: Enemy Unknown reviews so make sure to drop by and share your thoughts. Who knows; your review may very well be featured in next week’s This Week in Raptr!

Borderlands 2 Caption Contest Zer0 Haikus

Contest ends real soon
Borderlands 2 Season Pass
Write a haiku, win.

Our Raptr caption contest, Borderlands 2 edition, ends this Wednesday, October 24th. Get your final haiku entries in now to win a Borderlands 2 Season Pass (or equivalent in virtual currency if you already have a pass)!

Raptr Rewards

We’ve got a slew of rewards waiting to be claimed. From two TERA rewards to six Rusty Hearts game packs. The rewards just don’t end. There’s also a Battlestar Galactica Online bundle, two Blacklight: Retribution rewards, and a partridge in a pear tree, oh no, wait.
Community Highlights
Cosplaying: Is It Nice or Nasty? by CustardTrout
Once every year, people don their most stunning Halloween outfits. For cosplayers, there isn’t a day that stops them from their craft. But where is the line separating tasteful and tasteless?

TOPIC OF THE DAY: Your Scariest Video Games by LucidDreams84
LucidDreams84 wants to know, what are  the scariest video games you’ve played? Mine? BioShock. I’m still trying to get over the dentist office scene.

Raptr’s Very Own X-COM Memorial Wall by cika1234
In honor of the fallen, cika1234 has “built” a memorial wall via a discussion post. Be sure you stop by and remember those XCOM soldiers who just couldn’t survive the alien invasion.

How many champions do you have/use often, and what’s their role? by Meelkud
Ten? Twenty? One hundred and fifteen? How many League of Legends champions do you use? Also, why do you have so many!?

Favorite Gun Manufacturer? by WaRWigglyWhale
With 87 kazillion gun options, one brand is bound to be your favorite. Enjoy the elemental damage of Maliwan weapons? Or do you have too much fun throwing the explosive Tediore weapons?

Minecraft 360 Adventure Update Arrives by LMGstrings
The acclaimed creative mode is now playable with the latest update to Minecraft 360! What have you built since the update? How do you feel about the inclusion of Endermen and other incredible updates?

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