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Raptr Report proves “Community As a Service” approach vital for gamers, game publishers

Our latest Raptr Report examines the impact of community initiatives on new user acquisition, deeper engagement, and retention, and reveals the importance of a player-first strategy in the Games As a Service era.

Download the full report here.

The report examines the impact of community activities for games including Portal 2, ArmA II, League of Legends, Lost Saga, and Backlight: Retribution, based on actual playtime behavior of Raptr’s 15 million members. Key findings include:

  • Valve’s official mod tools for Portal 2 revitalized the player community: The mod tools and resulting user-generated content brought in 23x new users, 11x returning players (defined by players who had lapsed by two weeks or more) and increased the average playtime per user by almost 36%.
  • DayZ, a popular user-generated mod for ArmA II, put the game on the map: The mod brought in 14x more new players and increased reengagement of lapsed users by more than 2x within a month of release. Bohemia Interactive reported that sales for ArmA II spiked 40x within 4 months.
  • League of Legends by Riot Games experiences 7.6% user growth each month on average, in part due to frequent community engagement activities. New players join at a 10% rate on average after eSport events.
  • OG Planet’s implementation of Raptr Rewards, a loyalty program that incentivizes gamers to play more, increased weekly playtime of Lost Saga per user by 185 percent and drove more than 5x new players and 180 percent returning users to the game within one week.
  • Perfect World’s use of Raptr Community Platform activities for its title Blacklight: Retribution, including Raptr Rewards and a developer/community Q&A, increased daily active users (DAU) by 4x over the course of several months.

Raptr Report: Blacklight: Retribution data

Conclusion: Approaching Games As a Service from a primarily transactional (monetization-centric) framework is flawed. The real shift in games is from commodity to community, and the focus should be on the lifecycle of the player — call it Community As a Service.

  1. Matt says:

    I love Mods on PC. I’m mainly a console gamer but when I do play PC games I love the Mods. Playing through the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series with the STALKER Complete mods was awesome.

    Also Loved the Raptr rewards for Blacklight.
    Keep being awesome!

  2. I had Arma II Combined Operations way before the DayZ trend because there are a ton of other great mods for Arma II and Arma II Operation Arrowhead.

  3. DakotaD says:

    This is why PC gaming is where it’s at! Whereas modding is discouraged on consoles, it is embraced on the PC and just look at that data! Data don’t lie! So glad I’m a PC gamer. I get cheaper games, a wider variety of games, better graphics, multi-tasking, mods, free online play…gah the list goes on. PC gaming is the future.

  4. Strazdas says:

    Communities are indeed very important to games and thats why PC games usually live longer than console games.
    I very rarely use mods, but i think havign a modding community like TES or Paradox games has is simply amazign achievement in itself. and i think actively communicating with your costumers is ey to sucess, something Gearbox should really learn.

  5. Chosen One says:

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  6. rickhattrick says:

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  7. sulim2134 says:

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