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This Week in Raptr: Joe Danger, Lost Saga Q&As, Double Fine Rewards, Community Highlights

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events and top discussions happening on!

Joe Danger, Lost Saga Q&As and more
This week on Raptr Q&A, we’re giving the wheel to the creator of the racing stunt game, Joe Danger on Wednesday, September 26th.  Hello Games’ founder, Sean Murray, will answer all your questions the whole day. So if you feel the need, the need to ask questions, feel free to ask if Hello Games’ was influenced by dare-devil Evel Knievel, if they have imitated any of the stunts found in their games in real life, or if they walk on the wild side. Tune in for more details on how to win a free copy of Joe Danger 2: The Movie during the Q&A.

But wait, there’s more. Join us on Friday, September 28, when we bring you face to face with developers from the free-to-play online fighting game, Lost Saga. From 10AM to 6PM Pacific Time, Lost Saga GM Infamous takes to the ring to answer your questions about Lost Saga in the WCG, the game’s many heroes, and the future of the action-packed game. We have 40 codes to unlock Perm Gear Chest items in-game — stay tuned for more details about how to win them during the Q&A!

Last week we got some Q&A time with Rusty Hearts’ Community Manager, Summee “Summ” Farooqi. He gave insight to Rusty Hearts’ future characters in the works, in-game achievements, and his want for a moonwalk emote. Read up on the Raptr Q&A here.

Double Fine Raptr Rewards

Thursday, September 27, we bring you a double shot of Double Fine’s hit games, Stacking and Psychonauts — we’re giving away Steam codes for the full games! Rank up today in Costume Quest, Iron Brigade, and LIMBO as players ranked Hardcore or above in those titles will earn both rewards. Be quick as we’ve got a limited supply!

Be sure to check out our other rewards and scoop them up now before time runs out!

STO Screenshot and Caption Contests

Last week, we introduced a Star Trek Online Screenshot Contest that became the basis for our current STO Caption Contest. Here’s our 625-ZEN-winning screenshot brought to you by judasatan, Peeping Q. Our future winner for the STO Caption Contest will also win 625 Zen. Get your captions submitted now as the contest ends Wednesday.


Community Highlights
Runic CEO Says Torchlight 2 Offers More Than Diablo 3 by RaQin_Whaitera
Runic CEO, Max Schaefer, makes a claim that the $20 Torchlight 2 will offer far more than the $60 Diablo 3. Those are some fighting words, especially since it comes from a former Blizzard developer instrumental in creating Diablo and Diablo 2. Torchlight 2 is said to offer offline single-player gaming, a secure economy, and tools to help out the modding community. Where do you stand? Torchlight 2 or Diablo 3?

Are Video Games ‘Works Of Satan’? by Ludos
I won’t step into the crosshairs of this one, but whatever religious denomination you’re part of or not part of, everyone’s got an opinion to share. Read the article, judge for yourself, and share your input with other like-minded gamers.

Is Guild Wars 2 worth $60 at this point? by Brenston123
With so many anticipated titles coming out this fall, spending your money wisely is the best option. Chime in with your thoughts as Brenston123 asks if $60 is too much for this highly anticipated MMO.

Borderlands 2 Fails To Cross Over – read as Wall Street Journal COD/BF guy misses the point. by RaQin_Whaitera
If there’s ever a hit game that gamers were eagerly awaiting this month, it’s Borderlands — that is, unless you’re this Wall Street Journal writer. Our Raptr users are already up in arms defending Borderlands 2 from someone who “misses the point” and has only ever experienced shooters of a different battlefield. Read the article and voice your opinion now.

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