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This Week in Raptr: Community Q&As, Screenshot and Caption Contests, Rusty Hearts Loot

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events, top discussions happening on, and everything you could ever want to know about our irresistible little orange dinosaur!

Raptr Q&As
This past week’s Raptr Q&A paid host to PopCap’s Jeff Green, who answered every last question about plants, zombies, and other addictive oddities. Well, almost. PopCap’s being pretty quiet with the Plants vs. Zombies 2 details, unfortunately!

This Thursday we’ve got a Q&A with Rusty Hearts’ Summee “Summ” Farooqi running from 10AM-6PM Pacific Time. More details to come!

Coming next week to Raptr Q&As, we’re giving the wheel to developers of the racing stunt game Joe Danger, and a Lost Saga rep also get a turn in the hotseat. No begging him for perm hero scrolls!

Swag Room Contest Recap — Valve Complete Collection Winner

Our Cleaning Out the Swag Room contest giveaway was a great success! Not only can we move around again, but we gave away hundreds of titles to lucky Raptr members. We will be announcing last week’s winner of the Valve Complete Collection shortly!

If you didn’t get picked, don’t despair — we constantly have new contests for the Raptr faithful. Stay loyal, true believers!

Screenshot and Caption Contest — Star Trek Online

We’re looking for the perfect scene for our next Caption Contest, and we need your help! Our Star Trek Online Screenshot Contest is kicking off this Monday. Use the Raptr Desktop App to take screenshots of your STO adventures — post your best caption contest candidate to the STO community on Raptr and we’ll pick one winner. If we choose your image, you’ll get a code for 625 ZEN points sent your way, and your screen will be the subject of an upcoming Caption Contest (and another chance to win ZEN)!

Tips: Most screens are prettier when you hide the UI, go for shots with multiple people/aliens on-screen, and try to capture the Star Fleet’s good side!

Caption Contest Winners – Guild Wars 2

Last week we had a whopping six winners for our Guild Wars 2 caption contest!

ShardX69 saw the brighter side of things with his caption.

ArborDay took this optimism in a different way.

ericdrum wanted to break things off with his questing partner.

everfeather saw the caption contest as the perfect time for a dare.

trumafioso saw the twist coming from a mile away.

And finally, JJGlyph dished out some fashion advice.

These magnificent six won themselves one of six in-game mini pets!

Raptr Rewards — Earn free Rusty Hearts loot!

This Tuesday, we’ve got Rusty Hearts loot for all walks of life! Whether you’re a Newbie or Elite, Claim your exclusive loot and continue your exploration of Rumania!

And don’t forget, be sure to check out our Raptr Rewards page to claim your exclusive rewards before time runs out!

Community Highlights

The Problem With Silent Protagonists by John Apostol
Many of gaming’s greatest heroes manage to save the day without saying a word, but John doesn’t really have a thing for the strong, silent type. Of course, sometimes that can be a good thing (I’m looking at you, Navi…).

Are Achievements Hurting Gamers? by LucidDreams84
We all use games as a way to kick back and relax, but do achievements make that more difficult? The eternal debate rages on regarding the importance of one’s Gamerscore….

Free-To-Play: Done Right and Done Wrong by linkkjm
Is free-to-play really free? Some F2P games rely on skill, while others base success on the almighty dollar. linkkjm has tried out a number of games in this field, and has separated the best from the rest.

eSports: Which Game Would You Turn Pro For? by Sheriff Dan
Between EVO, MLG, and the ever-popular GSL, there’s a lot of money in the art of competitive gaming. But with so many games out there, which title should you hone your skills for? I’m holding out for a Kirby competition myself….

Will you Play Mists of Pandaria? by MMOAttack
Always challenged, never defeated, World of Warcraft still sits high as the most popular MMO. With the expansion Mists of Pandaria on the horizon, will you jump back into the world of Azeroth, or seek out greener pastures?

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