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This Week in Raptr: Community Q&As, Valve Complete Collection giveaway, caption contests

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events, top discussions happening on, and your one-stop spot to procuring dino DNA to start your own Jurassic theme park today!

Raptr Q&As

This Thursday on the Q&A front we’ve got PopCap’s Jeff Green who’ll be taking your questions about gardening and the walking dead from 10AM to 6PM PST. Stay tuned for more details about prizes during our Raptr Q&A.

Last week’s Raptr Q&A featured Star Trek Online’s executive producer, Daniel Stahl. He discussed the future episodes of STO and just how the Romulans will take part of them, the possible additions to more clothing options, and took user suggestions for future updates. Catch up on all the logs here.

Coming soon to Raptr Q&A, we’re giving the wheel to developers of the racing stunt game Joe Danger and team members from Rusty Hearts and Lost Saga will also get a turn in the hotseat.

Swag Room contest — Valve Complete Collection
For this week’s Cleaning Out the Swag Room contest giveaway, we’ve got the Valve Complete Collection for one lucky Raptr user. Be sure to post and/or comment three times in one or more game communities you’re ranked Newbie or above in for a chance to enter!

Congrats to last week’s winner of a Sega Genesis Classics Collection pack, Dexploratio.

Caption Contest — Guild Wars 2

Our Guild Wars 2 caption contest is still going strong. Here’s one of my favorites thus far from xGenokx: Human: “Huh, so that’s where babies come from?” Asuran: “Mmhmmm.” Be sure to get your rip-roaring captions in now. Best comment as determined by the completely subjective standards of Raptr’s staff wins one of six in-game mini pets!

Last week’s  Team Fortress 2 caption contest winner was Obi-Fran Kenobi, who reminds folks why they shouldn’t drink strange things they find in other people’s lockers.

Tune in Thursday for our next Caption Contest with Tera.

Raptr Rewards — Earn a free copy of Joe Danger 2: The Movie!
On Friday, September 14, we’re giving away free copies of the arcade stunt game, Joe Danger 2: The Movie. Read all about the details here and earn yours now!

And don’t forget, be sure to check out our Raptr Rewards page to claim your exclusive rewards before time runs out!


Community Highlights

Serious Skyrim Question: What do you see as the -MOST- important skill to rank up in? by High_strung
Archery. Conjuration. Smithing. What skill will make you the best Dovahkiin in all of Skyrim? Personally, I’m a master of honeyed words and nothing can get past my dragon-bone shield — except dragons that come swooping from above me.

Dishonored ‘Inception’ developer documentary video discusses the game’s concept and creation by DJZed
Framed with the murder of the Empress you’re sworn to protect, you are now forced to become an assassin set on a mission of truth and revenge. Take a look inside Arkane Studios’ latest FPS title, Dishonored, and regain your honor by any means necessary.

Minecraft UN Block By Block project to help young people redesign their neighbourhoods by XenoLair
Minecraft is a game that helps players explore the far reaches of their creativity. Now it’s being used to make these creations come to life. Mojang is teaming up with UN Habitat to help young people redesign their real-life environments in Minecraft to help designers see what they’d like changed, one block at a time.

CoD: Favorite Guns w/ Attachments? by ChiTownSheWolf
MK14. Silencer. Rapid Fire. This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Talk about which Modern Warfare 3 weapon gamers are clamoring over. So far it looks like most Raptr users enjoy the ACR. What’s your weapon of choice?

What are the basic “avoid getting your butt kicked” tips for a new player? by awyay
Looking to start playing the F2P League of Legends but don’t want to get slaughtered by champions far beyond your skill level? Read the valuable advice from Elite Raptr LoL players and avoid meeting your untimely end.

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