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This Week in Raptr: New community features, Square Enix Complete Pack giveaway, catch a PAX dino

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events, top discussions happening on, and site improvements. Hey, speaking of….

New Community Features

We’ve just debuted a few new features to make the ranking system easier to understand and to display your rank next to your community contributions, along with a few other things:

A new rank bar — Easily see your current rank progression and how far you have to go to reach the next…and how far you have to go to be #1.
Visible ranks for posters and commenters in game communities — See who’s giving the best tips as a seasoned Elite gamer, or who needs some help getting started as a Newbie.
The return of Top Comments — Get the most comment upvotes and you’ll be featured in the Top Comments box (upper right) for that post!
Latest community activity at a glance — Communities with new comments and posts are now labeled as “NEW” on the dashboard.
Customizable avatars — Select your game service avatar from Xbox, PSN, and Steam for your Raptr profile!

Raptr Q&A – Blacklight: Retribution recap and Star Trek Online

Last week’s Raptr Q&A session with the Blacklight: Retribution and Zombie Studios developers went off like gangbusters. We sent out a call to arms, and you answered — with more than 1,600 questions and comments about the games’ successful Steam launch, upcoming Horde mode, a potential new swag shop, and way more. Read the Q&A here, follow the game here, and be sure to grab your own Legendary Package here, which includes an exclusive Raptr Gun Tag, before they’re all gone!

Raptr Q&As put you in touch with game developers and notable industry personalities every week on Raptr! Star Trek Online’s executive producer, Daniel Stahl, will participate in a Raptr Q&A on Thursday, 9/6, from 10AM to 6PM Pacific Time (Stardate 90287.54). Ask him about upcoming Season 7 additions, the technical details of impulse drive, and if resistance really is futile. You can find a link to the discussion here.

Cleaning Out the Swag Room Contest — win games for posting on Raptr

This week we’re giving away a Square Enix Complete Collection (that’s 47 games and DLC!) to one lucky Raptr user! Be sure to post and/or comment three times in one or more game communities you’re ranked Newbie or above in for a chance to enter. Read up on the details here!

We’ll announce last week’s winner of a Sega Genesis Complete Pack shortly — and come back next week when we’ll give away a Valve Complete Pack!

Team Fortress 2 Caption Contest

Calling all Team Fortress 2 fans — we’re looking for users to caption this screenshot and give the Red team a voice. The best caption (as determined by Raptr staffers) gets a stylin’ pair of Marxman Glasses! We’ll choose the winner this Wednesday (9/5/12), so get crackin’!

Coming up next: a Guild Wars 2 caption contest starting on Thursday! We’ll update this post with the link.

Raptr Rewards: Star Trek Online

Beam up this Thursday to nab one of two Star Trek Online rewards! Whether you’re a red shirt or a veteran, we’ve got something for any level of player.

Those new to Starfleet get a Holodeck Bundle, whileExperienced” or higher get the Captain’s Critter, a Gumato pet. This little guy is a Raptr exclusive, so make sure you’re ready!

Capture the (PAX) Raptr

PAX Prime 2012 was hopping this year, and our very own LinkSmash was on the scene giving away Raptr plushies to those that could track her down. 25 lucky members that followed our Twitter feed and found her location got themselves a Raptr plushie of their very own, to love and pet and squeeze and call George.


Community highlights

There’s always an interesting conversation going on at Raptr. Check out some of this week’s hottest topics below:

Minecraft PC Will Always Be Better Than Xbox 360 by xanthus22
As one of the most popular games on the site, Minecraft has captivated the hearts and minds of many a builder. But is the PC version really better? This user thinks so, but the verdict’s still out in the comments section.

Who is your main in League of Legends? by shadowz603
When you have more than 100 characters to choose from, variety is the spice of life. League of Legends’ roster is full of favorites — let us know which one is yours in the comments!

What game are you most excited for this fall? by 8 Bit Brit
It’s a time-honored tradition — the best games always come out in the fall. Whether you’re looking forward to returning to Pandora in Borderlands 2 or filling the shoes of Master Chief in Halo 4, there are plenty of solid titles coming to shelves in the coming months!

Being a girl gamer on COD by Sgt Bubbles
You would think playing Call of Duty online is just another day in Nuketown, but for Sgt Bubbles, it’s a whole ‘nother tour of duty. After countless hours fragging the opposition, she asks the valuable question: “Do any other girls experience this?”

  1. Dylan Dixon says:

    Man that square enix pack looks sick. Same with the Tf2 caption contest. I like these weekly blog posts.

  2. James says:

    TF2 cool online shooter) My favorit character I love to play with heavy)

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