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This Week in Raptr: Community Q&A with Blacklight: Retribution devs, Sega Genesis Classics Collection giveaway, catch a PAX dino

Welcome to This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events, top discussions happening on Raptr.com, and all the latest sauropod-related news.

Raptr Q&A – Blacklight: Retribution developers
Multiple devs from Zombie Studios, the makers of FPS Blacklight: Retribution, are up next on the Q&A hotseat on Tuesday, 8/28. From noon to 6PM PST Jared Gerritzen, Andy Kipling, Brice Broaddus, and Collin Moore will answer your questions here. Ask about the first game they played, how they like their pizza, or if they’ve got any special hidden talents. The 50 best questions (as determined by Raptr’s admins) will win codes for the previously unreleased R21V Hunter “BUUURINK” helmet and a Raptr weapon tag! And there’s no need to wait — you can start asking your questions right now!

More Raptr Q&As
Last week we had our very first Raptr Q&A with Robert Bowling, former Infinity Ward creative strategist and current president of developer Robotoki. He answered fan questions about Robotoki’s latest title, Human Element, his favorite donut (chocolate-topped cream-filled Long Johns), and his weapon of choice for a zombie apocalypse (anything sharp and silent)! Read over the shenanigans here and be sure to give his game a follow.

Coming soon to Raptr Q&As: PopCap’s Jeff Green and the developers of Lost Saga, the free-to-play online fighting game.

Raptr Q&As bring you in direct contact with game developers and notable industry personalities every week on Raptr! So be sure to tune in weekly to see who we have lined up next for you!

Cleaning Out the Swag Room Contest — win games for posting on Raptr
This week we’re giving away a Sega Genesis Classics Collection (40 games!) to one lucky Raptr member. Be sure to post and/or comment three times in one or more game communities you’re ranked Newbie or above in for a chance to enter! Read up on the details here!

Congrats to last week’s, terinati, who earned a 2K Complete Pack!

Capture the (PAX) Raptr
Heading to PAX Prime this weekend? Keep your eyes open for our Community Content Manager, LinkSmash (that’s me), and adopt your very own Raptr dino right there and then! More news coming via Raptr’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. But if you aren’t headed over to the Rainy City, not a problem, we’re still accepting adoption applications.

League of Legends / Team Fortress 2 caption contests
Our LoL caption contest wraps up Wednesday. So far this is my favorite from Kazmius : “Sivir: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right… Mundo: Mundo goes where he pleases! Lee: They aren’t directions, it’s a code!” You’ve still got time to submit your ridiculous sayings so caption today! Remember, best comment as determined by the completely subjective standards of Raptr’s staff wins a free Raptr T-shirt and dino plushie!

Check the Team Fortress 2 community on Thursday for our next caption contest!

Raptr Rewards: Super Monday Night Combat
Tune in Tuesday for our latest reward, Summer Bundle for SMNC Gamers — we’re giving away exclusive in-game content to gamers ranked Newbie or above in Super Monday Night Combat or Monday Night Combat.


Community highlights
In which we direct your attention to interesting conversations happening on Raptr right now….

Fallout 4: Beantown Bound? by dpaddbags
Fallout: Beantown? Not as glamorous sounding as Fallout: New Vegas, but sources claim that the next installment of the game will be located in good ol’ Boston, Mass. Here’s to hoping that Boston cream pie still exists after a nuclear fallout.

Minecraft is my go-to game for winding down and relaxing :) by Yoghurt_chops
Ah. Just thinking about the slumberous tune of Minecraft puts me at ease. Is Minecraft your go-to game for peace? Or do you prefer something filled with more explosions?

The Top 5 Zombie Franchises Ever by LoudHawk
Zombies, zombies, zombies! Our community sure can’t get enough of those brain-hungry undead beings. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Zombie Franchises ever. Agree or disagree, discuss your favorites then head back over to this discussion about how you will survive in a zombie apocalypse.

What do you think is next for the Mass Effect series? A sequel? Prequel? Spin-Off? MMO? by 6jonathan1
Despite only 42% of Mass Effect 3 players finishing the game (which is actually pretty good), there’s still talk on what the future of the series will bring. MMO? RPG? Asari dancing game? Where do you think the Mass Effect Universe will take you next?