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This Week in Raptr: Community Q&As with Robert Bowling, Blacklight: Retribution Devs

Update: Our Raptr Q&A with Robert Bowling is here!

Welcome to the first edition of This Week in Raptr, your weekly summary of upcoming community events, top discussions happening on, and perfectly reasonable conspiracy theories about how the dinosaurs never really became extinct and actually live among us today.

Announcing Raptr Q&As!
Talk directly to game developers and notable industry personalities every week on Raptr with our new community Q&A events! Ask them about what they’re working on, how enraged they are about Mass Effect 3’s ending on a scale of enraged to incredibly enraged, the contents of breakfast — they’re just like us!

Our first Raptr Q&A kicks off this Wednesday, 8/22, with Robert Bowling. You may remember Bowling from such roles as Call of Duty-maker Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, where he was instrumental in creating the Modern Warfare series, and now he’s the president of developer Robotoki, working on Human Element. Bowling will be answering your questions on from noon to 6 PM Pacific Time.

And then next week, look for another Raptr Q&A featuring multiple developers from Zombie Studios, the makers of the popular FPS Blacklight: Retribution. We’ll be talking with Andy Kipling, Collin Moore, and/or Jared Gerrizten.

We’re very excited to create a platform for gamers to interact directly with game developers — look for Raptr Q&As with PopCap’s Jeff Green, DayZ creator Dean Hall, and many more in the very near future!

League of Legends caption contest
LoL fans, look out for a caption contest coming to the League of Legends community next week. Best comment as determined by the completely subjective standards of Raptr’s staff wins a free Raptr T-shirt!

Oh yeah, and win games for posting on Raptr
We made a big deal about this elsewhere so here’s the short version:  Post and/or comment three times in one or more game communities that you’re ranked in for a chance to win a ton of 2K games this week. And keep it up for the next month, because we’ve got new giveaways going out each week!


Community highlights
In which we direct your attention to interesting conversations happening on Raptr right now.

Would gamers survive the zombie apocalypse? by LucidDreams84
If you pay much attention to Hot on Raptr then you know that this discussion just…won’t…die. Opinions are mixed, but GreyWarden says, “Me and a bunch of my friends, who are utter hicks, already made a Zombie Plan.” So if it does go down, the party’s at his house!

How much money have you spent on League of Legends? by Moosh
Raptr members own up to the price of their LoL habits. $1200 appears to be the current record so far. World of Tanks has a similar thread, but that game’s fans seem a bit more frugal.

Only 42% of Mass Effect 3 players finished the game by Legacyetherbolo
Turns out that number is actually quite high for any game, but especially one that lasts a couple dozen hours, easily. Many commenters in this thread actually played through the game multiple times. And if you care, I thought the ending was quite good.

Capture the Raptr
Hoping to get your hands on a Raptr dino plushie? This item is not available in stores, fill out our dino application form and we’ll see what we can do!

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