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Raptr Updates: Leveling up Raptr’s community

Dedicated gamers spend as much time talking about games as we do playing them. Raptr understands this, and so we’ve redesigned our newsfeed to make it easier to chat and learn about the games you love. With the new format we’re giving you more ways to discuss, strategize, and comment on the games you play…or can’t wait to get back to playing.

Thanks to Raptr’s new discussion format, we’re kicking off a string of community events right here on Raptr.com, where you can interact with game creators, notable industry personalities, and fellow fans. Our goal is to bring you tools, features, and events to help connect you to the most interesting conversations happening in gaming, the most relevant content, and the most notable people. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Raptr dashboard

At Raptr, the gaming community comes first. We believe in recognizing you for your gaming accomplishments — and then connecting you with like-minded gamers who are as passionate as you are about your favorite games. Raptr brings you more ways to engage in interesting discussions, to see how your gaming achievements stack up against friends, and the ability to earn real rewards just for playing for favorite titles. If you love games, you’ll love Raptr. Hey, someone should put that on a T-shirt….

For a more detailed explanation of Raptr.com’s new community features, check out this blog post.

  1. Tracy-Mark Gorgas says:

    The “+Crosspost” which I assume replaces the “Tag” feature doesn’t work right. I can add one “Tag” or “Crosspost” and then no more.

  2. karrier says:

    I’m not sure, but I love the old layout much more than this one. Is there a setting we can use to switch to the older one?

  3. Raptr team is doing absolutely great! Thank you so much for all the efforts and development it really means a lot for the community.

  4. Been using Raptr for a while now it’s just a robust application.

  5. imo for pc says:

    Thanks for the information very interesting I really liked all the writing you. I make sure your blog is becoming one of my favorite blogs to read.

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