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Raptr Updates: Improving Rewards

Hey everyone —

We’ve just rolled out some new improvements to the way we present and grant Raptr Rewards that should make the whole process easier.

We’ve gotten better at granting rewards to qualified users the moment a reward goes live, we’ve added an array of sorting options, and now we have a checkbox that shows if you meet the criteria to qualify for a reward at a glance.

Checking your Rewards
If you’ve just ranked up and you think you qualify for a reward but our system hasn’t updated yet, we now have a “check your reward” button that will quickly verify your reward status.

If you run the check and still don’t qualify, a pop up will summarize the requirements and also give you contact info for our customer support.

Location, location, location
Learning about which countries are eligible for a Raptr Reward is now simpler as well. Just hover over the grey-tinted box labeled “view location restrictions” to see if your country is qualified.

Other notable improvements in bullet-point form:

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest Raptr Rewards using our new RSS feed.
  • Manual tracking of unreleased games is now not available until a week before the launch date.
  • Comments to posts will now play a more significant role in determining if a post appears in the “Hot on Raptr” section.

That’s it for now — we’ve got some new stuff coming soon that we can’t wait to show you! But…we are waiting to show you, if you want to get technical about it.

  1. Groovy_G0D says:

    RAPTR you are awesome! I suggested this two weeks ago and now you have taken it into account.. Thank you so much!

  2. ErasedFromLife says:

    yeah umm i live in the us where it says i can redeem the reward but i still cant get it. the reward is the lost saga elite status prize

  3. Please please fix it keeps on saying my login in is rough every time this happened to me before with my Xbox live and u people better not be hacking my acc or I’ll get Microsoft on this please I keep on halting to change y password and it wont let me in fix it please

  4. Caroline says:

    Very useful update.

  5. YamiNoKen says:

    Keep it up!

  6. Paula says:

    Great update. Thnx. Keep up the good work!

  7. Dennis says:

    Its great to notice that you pick up suggestions so fast!

  8. Irish Assassin says:

    your top raptr games thzt people need to get hardcore on are for people that dont play like i do obviously..so why give me award..ill never never never play a mind numbing hamster wheel mmo like warcraft…people live in those games and act like children fighting over toys…no skill required to play..just endless amounts of time and follow what the guys put on youtube who beat it and quit…no challenge..i played star wars online and excelled fast plzying a few days a month i did it all. so i stayed for add on…they made it even easier for everyone else. my buddy played wow 5 years…cause they are hamster wheels…im dissapointed that you would put those as top RAPTR games. guess im not on a gaming site that tracka skill…just time…oh i played this for 9 hours so i am elite…no wonder you do that…mmo’s suck away time,life.

  9. John T. says:

    I had an account before but my EX-fife changed the password and e-mail. I had to start a new account and now I can not redeem my point. How do I fix this?

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