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Raptr Updates: Improved Manual Tracking, Notifications, Rewards, Rankings, and Privacy

Hey everybody —

We’ve launched some site improvements today; here’s a quick look at the major changes!

Manual Game Tracking

This is a big one. Logging your hours of long gaming sessions for games that we can’t automatically track (or in the event of an Xbox Live outage or similar) has never been easier! Now you can manually track up to six hours at a time, in 15-minute increments! Luxurious.

Customizable On-Site Notification Settings

Don’t want to hear about it when a friend surpasses your rank in a game? With our customizable Notification settings, you’re in control of what notifications you see on Raptr based on your friends, gaming activity, community participation, and our Raptr Rewards.

Get a Head Start with the Latest Raptr Rewards

Stay on top of upcoming Raptr Rewards with our new Coming Soon tab! Check it out and discover the highly anticipated goodies we have just for you.

Platform-Specific Rankings

Rank leaderboards now only compare users per platform, so no more Mac gamers jumping ahead of you even though they’ve tracked fewer hours. For example.

Improved Privacy Settings

Like keeping things between yourself and your friends? With Raptr’s improved privacy settings, now you can control who can message you, leave comments on your wall, and more, to keep the rawring dinos at bay.

  1. Shirou says:

    “Now you can manually track up to six hours at a time”

    Finally! I’ve expected 12h though but 6hours is an improvement and you can also track minutes now <3

    Finally I'll be able to catch up with my Final Fantasy gameplays faster ^^ (they are tracked…in my text book about 100 hours of gameplay =_= and I couldn't be here every 3h to update…)

  2. Really like that notification adjustments and that raptr reward tab seems very helpful. Very good updates that are being done

  3. Thomas says:

    Can I get to my profile please? it keeps redirecting me to this blog. I really don’t care about this, all I care about it is my profile and logging my time playing. Thanks

  4. GF-REX says:

    Something go wrong with the update? Anything on Raptr takes me straight here. Can’t connect with the client either.

  5. RiinaInverse says:

    ^ same as him. whats with raptr being down?

  6. Demian Linn says:

    Raptr.com was down briefly last night, and redirected to the blog. Everything’s fixed now!

  7. JD says:

    Seems like the manual tracking is going to be rank with abuse though

  8. GF-REX says:

    I love the manual tracking! Finally I can log my Wii and retro gameplay hours. I love Raptr!

  9. Daichi says:

    This doesn’t sound like a big manual tracking improvement to me.

    Why can’t we just tell the website (or Windows/iOS/Android app) that we are starting to play a game and have it beep and ask us every hour if we are still playing? If we don’t respond after like 5 minutes the site could just assume we stopped. We shouldn’t have to manually calculate anything.

  10. Matthewh00 says:

    An example of something that is wrong is “The Sims 3” for Xbox and Windows Phone. The achievements in these 2 games are put together so instead of 50 for people with just Xbox it says 68 or something similar. Its nothing too major, but I would like to see it fixed.

  11. Now, if we could just get some OS X support.

  12. Ye I agree with Mathew :(

  13. Hat Trick says:

    Make it 12!

    (for those who game 12 hours in one day)

  14. christomario says:

    Sound is improved, can’t wait for dolly 9.2 with double subwoofers

  15. christomario says:

    Sond is a big improvement, can’t wait for dolby 9.2 to enter with double subwoofers

  16. CaliD53 says:

    So glad can maually track gameplay now!

  17. Paula says:

    It doesn’t work on Mac.

  18. Seetwek says:

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