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Raptr: Now on your Facebook Timeline and Ticker!

The headline kinda gives it away, but Raptr can now post to your Facebook Timeline and Ticker, making it easier than ever before to tell your friends what you’re playing and see what everyone else is playing as well!

Facebook’s gotten a lot smarter about aggregating similar kinds of content on your News Feed, so we’re taking advantage of those features as well. That’s good news if you’re a hardcore gamer and play a lot — previously the number of updates could get a bit overwhelming depending on your sharing settings. Now the activity you choose to share will go into the Ticker, and then appear on your Timeline and/or News Feed, often aggregated into neat summaries based on Facebook’s blood-magic algorithms.

Enabling Raptr/Facebook Sharing

Some of you may have connected your Facebook account to Raptr in the past. If you want to take advantage of these new features, you’ll have to rebind your Facebook account, due to some arcane Facebook policy that only some guy in a cubicle at Facebook truly understands (maybe). Luckily, that’s easy to do. And if you never bound an account in the first place, well here’s how.

From your Account Settings page, click on Sharing & Privacy.

To rebind your Facebook account click the “Edit or change settings” link next to the Facebook icon. If you’re connecting your account for the first time, simply hit “Add Account.”

For you rebinders: Next click the Remove Account button, and finally, click the “Add Account” link and you’re back in business on Facebook! Whew.

  1. Nothing happens when trying to add a facebook account for rewards. It is just a black screen.Really aggravated that this is so difficult to set up, if you want people to use it maybe you should simplify the set up?

  2. Mirun says:

    Yes. Nothing happens when trying to add a facebook account for rewards. If I try the link in my web browser I receive: The parameter app_id is required

  3. nekollx says:

    same problem as the other two, seems somone at AMD didn’t configure their API right.

  4. IzEDraGoN says:

    this option is not working properly anymore, every time I restart the Raptr client, the facebook connection is lost and I need to re-enter my facebook account info….

  5. Irven says:

    yes, no work to me too…
    ever try connect not work >..<

  6. Irven says:

    PSN account don’t work more too :P

  7. Frost says:

    Works for me (frostbytewow on fb if anyone wants to see)

  8. matala says:

    nice well done. nice sharing keep the same pace . some information regarding this topic is available at

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