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Rank up! Raptr launches an all new gaming rep system

Raptr just leveled up, and now you can too with Raptr’s new gaming rep system that allows you to earn ranks in every title you play! Earning ranks unlocks all sorts of awesome features and rewards, so yes, it’s time to get excited!

Here’s how it works — we track your gameplay hours and achievements per game and then compare your stats with the rest of Raptr’s 12-million strong community, and your friends. Based on your expertise, you qualify for one of six ranks for every game you play:

For a detailed explanation of ranks and how our rep system works, read all about it here!

The gaming rep system is more than just ranks; it also greatly enhances your overall Raptr experience, via:

  • Highlights Box – All of our stats are served up in robust charts, graphs and modules capturing your accomplishes in the latest games you play (read more)
  • Personalized Content System – Our content feed just got a whole lot smarter. We deliver highly targeted content based on a your game collection, rank, most recent activity, and progress in a game (read more)
  • New Facebook Features – We’ve improved the way we integrate with Facebook’s new Timeline and ticker features, so that you can easily share your greatest gaming accomplishments (read more)
  • Weekly Gameplay Summary – A new email that captures all your gaming activity each week in a snazzy new format (read more)
  • Real Rewards – Earn real benefits such as exclusive Raptr features and rewards as you rank up (more info coming shortly!)

With the launch of the new reputation system, Raptr profiles now reflect a complete picture of your gaming persona, interests, expertise, and achievements. It’s more than just bragging rights — we wanted to create a whole new system where you can earn real benefits just for playing your favorite games!

  1. Nymphonomicon says:

    Did anyone else get a chuckle out of Reticulating Splines?

  2. Shawn says:

    Nymphonomicon: Yes, I did as well.

  3. Dedy Indrawan says:

    I Like Paptr !

  4. Opp1123 says:

    More than just a chuckle, loves it!

  5. bo says:

    yes i love it

  6. eragman666 says:

    really enjoying the phone app n desk download just wish could talk to some gamers. maybe an alert on the phone app when some one does friend you. until then il be checking the wall so far none hope to improve that real soon.

  7. martin says:

    I’m a big fan!

  8. love this game !!!!!

  9. I have joint raptr not so long a go, and i love it already. keep up the good work!!

  10. Mike says:

    this leveling up system doesnt seem to work very well. it doesnt register the hours and hours i’ve put into Skyrim :-\

  11. Bryant says:

    While it’s fairly new I still like it!!

  12. I totally agree, you have to love this game!

  13. Vaughn says:

    Wii U is good rofl :D

  14. cracked-pots@hotmail.com says:

    hmm, not sure how to force this ap to update my hours logged in rift.. or my achivies.. lol

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  16. Dennis says:

    Wow, you guys made this rep system easier to understand than how do small business loans work. Thanks so much for creating this. Glad to see it’s still working.

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