Battlefield vs. Call of Duty Showdown – Building the Ultimate Rig, FINAL EDITION

Note: So this is it! Boddaker, our PC modder extraordinaire, is finally ready to show us his creation. As you all know by now, this was a part of Raptr’s Battlefield vs. Call of Duty Showdown promo that invited gamers to discuss the merits of the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises. One lucky winner of the debate was selected to receive this PC gaming rig. Congratulations to Raptr user Psych091! Raptr blogger dino-in-chief.

Hi, it’s Boddaker here — for the final time.

I’m very excited to reveal the final images of the Battlefield vs. Call of Duty Showdown’s grand prize, the Ultimate Rig! What started out as a simple idea around creating a ‘military-themed’ PC evolved into this gaming rig featuring a minigun and a beverage cooler!

I’m rather proud of how the whole thing came out. You can see we custom-painted the side panel with a Battlefield-inspired theme and incorporated a Raptr dino logo.

Here is the other side of the PC mod. You can see the window cut out and the first-aid kit attached to the side.

If you’ve been following my progress on this blog, you already know that the first-aid kit is actually a USB-powered beverage cooler! :)

Here is a closer look at the minigun and the custom-made sniper fan grill.

These are custom-made control switches. One turns on and off the PC and the other controls the minigun. Yes, the minigun actually rotates!

You can see the inside of this rig with the side panel removed. Just to reiterate, this is one beast of a gaming machine. It has the cutting-edge AMD FX 8150 processor as well as TWO Radeon HD 6970 graphics cards, a 60GB solid state drive AND a 1TB SATA III hard drive.

Here is a short video that shows the rig in action.

I’d like to thank Origin PC for providing most of the hardware, CoolerMaster for the awesome case, MNPCTECH for the ‘Sniper’ fan grill and the toggle switches, and of course the guys at Raptr for making this project happen. And although they weren’t official sponsors of the promo, the AMD guys helped with our hardware choices.  So thanks again for everyone’s help. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Raven Sharpless says:

    That is absolutely amazing and the mini fridge tops it off. It makes me even more want my Black Rock Shooter pc to be done……its taking forever.

  2. Vice says:

    My god… Here I am running on a stock-standard 2-year-old laptop! hat I wouldn’t give for a rig like that…

  3. Zanith says:

    That is a quite a beast not a fan of AMD myself i use Intel and Nvidia but this rig still looks sick makes me wanna add more mods to my case hehe just need money and tools :(

  4. rayso1 says:

    How much would something like this cost…??
    (in GBR££) Thanks.

  5. mark parker says:

    That is super cool,AMD all the way.

  6. Guru Inc says:

    Awesome :-)

    One thing you missed… The real sound of a minigun!!! Now, go do it!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)

  7. 96andrei says:

    The case is awesome, but a GTX 580 SLI and an i7 2700k would do a better job.

  8. rtb says:

    well if your given free tech, big woop. Kudos if you had paid for it yourself.

  9. Mr Tee Pick says:

    Super kool, prolly wouldn’t want tho cuz battlefield 3 is wayy to easy of a game, icant go 42 and 2 which a sniper in MW3 js.

  10. Abel The Bloodedge says:

    Mr Tee Pick….. You’re kidding right?

    There are only 2 reasons that you can’t go 42 and 2 as a sniper in MW3 as easily as you can in BF3.

    1) Matches in BF3 are usually much longer than matches in MW3.
    2) Maps in BF3 are far larger than MW3 maps, which make sniping more ideal.
    3) MW3 is more of an arcade run and gun shooter, the likely-hood of going 42-2 as a sniper in that game is very low, and has absolutely nothing to do with difficulty.

    Granted, you can’t really go 42-2 as a Sniper in BF3 unless either A) You’re actually good at it, B) You hack or exploit, or C) You get lucky in a high-ticket-count Conquest/Rush match.

  11. Abel The Bloodedge says:

    On another note, amazing case, Boddaker. A little upsetting I didn’t win it, but no big deal really. Great job :)

  12. Spartanchick316 says:

    I just died a little on the inside.

  13. James says:

    But, does it blend?

  14. Alex says:

    Congrats… just dont drink Monster, K?

  15. Zazer says:

    Damn nice pc Boddaker, must took you long time to build it, but damn nice work! Good job’

  16. Ken says:

    Can I have it? =o

  17. romon says:

    OH MY GOD a pc like that would make me happy i would go days without stoping, taking pictures and showing off nice case i am currently making my dream machine

  18. Jay says:

    @96andrei You obviously haven’t checked out the new 9700 Radeon HD’s then.

  19. Smoka70 says:

    Lol’z @ the Intel/nVidia fanboys!

  20. Kevin says:

    Nice, that is one sweet desktop~

  21. VectorRoll says:

    That has to be the coolest case mod I have ever seen. Makes me want to make another PC. Very good job on it. It rocks.

  22. Fernanda Aiub says:

    I want that :o
    I think the dino is super cute and I liked the idea of the 1st aid kid and the minigun!
    How much would cost to make a pc like that?

  23. Daniel Barlow says:

    THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!
    How much will you sell it for or can i get something similar????

  24. Danny Laursen says:

    I want this Case.

  25. Jay says:

    Ha. Dual 6970s.

    You could probably run real life on those motherfuckers.

  26. The Ghost says:

    id have to say Boddaker u made the coolest looking motherboard ever u have to make more and see if u can produce lik 10 total as a premium so only 10 ppl will accually have 1. :D

  27. Nasko says:

    Absolutely love it 8-)

  28. terry says:

    that is a bad ass pc

  29. Deathpool93dad says:

    Great looking setup how much would this set up cost. It has it all cooler rotating gun to much

  30. Clara S says:

    A big fan of AMD and seen some awsome work they did, so far I’m looking forward on this one to have one myself. While waiting on this one, I’ve been looking forward on my workout too taking a pure protein which I get from which help me stay in shape while enjoying playing Call of Duty.

  31. Psych091 says:

    Just so you know, I Love You, Mr. Boddaker. And just so you know, BF3 on Xbox 360 (though I think I shall make the switch to PC soon.) That is all.

  32. Born to be kick ass!! love it

  33. Darren says:

    I win. How do I collect and probe my PC? I spent 465 U.S. dollars. Run Battle Field 3, MW3, and Skyrim at Ultra settings with fps’ of 37 to 60 and a mean avg 0f 54 i think. So what do I win. I don’t wanna hide the secret of a great build build from my fellow gamer’s, but i gotta protect mine. oh some other stuff, from hitting the power button to joinin a server in BF3 it takes less than 17 seconds. you have no boot. no windows load. no server will ever be faster. msg me. heck it is so quite it sits a foot from my head as I watch netflix. Oh, Its A low EMF board also. I put it in a 35 dollar inwin Griffon, but neons and giant fans, water coolers and a beer cozy can be added. I use single fan with a metal radiator and copper tubing and its cold as ice. og ghz 3.0 I run the cores at 3.6. Radeon provided an affordable card with hdmi sound and video that I o.c. to the max on their software and elswhere. 30 dollar ram o.c. to the point it scores a 7.5 on windows 7 test…plz dont try with expensive ram. It’s very touchy. So I win right. Who wouldn’t wanna have that rig for 500 bones. I can run all the tests, it beats out alienware, which i do own, and most 3k computers. I issue challage to beat me with a multi thousand dollar PC. 2 days of straight gaming. First to have connection issues fails. First to overheat fails, First to drop below the human threshold for movement of 35 fps loses. then you give me a my prize. and I’ll sell everyone here the way to do it for nadda.


    Darren K.

  34. Darren says:

    Oh, and to let you know I run a FULL Norton sweet that costs a fortune. Never shut of. Rendered for hours on maya…so come packin. I am a Designer/Developer and most importantly I love to game and hate when I buy a game like RAGE did…that makes me think its on my its my favorite shouter. So fluid at or above 60 fps. Oh, email me for tips or shop talk.

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