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Raptr’s Most Played Games of 2011

2011 has turned into a landmark year for video games. Never has so many AAA games come our way, that gamers are actually overwhelmed by options. Reviews and preliminary sales data are in are often used to determine the best games of the year, but we at Raptr believe that when it comes down to it, the true gauge of a game worthy of your time, is the one you spend  your precious time playing the most. That was the thinking behind our inaugural Most Played Awards from Raptr!

Check out the winners below!

Download the Full Report Here

The Most Played Shooter of 2011
The Most Played RPG of 2011
The Most Played Open-World Game of 2011
The Most Played Sports Game of 2011
The Most Played Social Game of 2011
The Most Played New IP of 2011
The Most Played Game of 2011
The Most Successful Paid-to-F2P Game of 2011

For more info on how we picked each winner and what criteria we used, check out our methodology summarized in our report. What was your most played game of 2011? Let us know in the comments below!

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