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Taskle’s Take: Activity Feeds; Mine and Yours

Taskle here again. Since there were so many new features from the last website update, I thought I’d spend a little more time highlighting the return of the Activity Feeds. Whether you’re familiar with this feature, or not, keep reading to learn more about this feature and the new tweaks we made.

The Return of the Activity Feeds

They’re baaack! Keep tabs on your own gaming and non-gaming activity with the return the our Activity Feeds. Located on your snazzy profile wall, these feeds will keep track of everything you do; from comments to gameplay hours and achievements!

Keep your Raptr Friends Close

See what your friends are up to with the new Friend Activity tab located conveniently in your dashboard. With a click of a button, switch from checking out the hottest gaming content, to seeing your friends’ comments, posted links, status updates, and wall posts!

Vote on Comments, “Like” a Status Update

Merely seeing someone’s Activity Feed isn’t enough these days. Did you know you can now vote on comments and “Like” a status update? So the next time you read a comment that made you laugh, or a status update that you can totally relate to, be sure to let them know by voting on it!

This is just some of the new features we added. Check out the other blog post I wrote to learn more. For the full list of tweaks and improvements, see the website release notes.

  1. MR LOXY says:

    Feels so good to login to the new Raptr & see my recent gaming activity!

    …Now we just need to be able to manually update our gaming hours from the new site!

  2. Kel says:

    This is awesome! Definately a great added feature.

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