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Taskle’s Take: Better Know Yourself and the Gaming World with Raptr!

First things first: keep the feedback coming! Without them, we can’t build new features around your specific needs!

So while you think of more features you would like to see next, I’m going to talk about some of the new features we just added that’ll help you learn more about your gaming habits, and to be better connected with the rest of the gaming world. Continue reading to learn how:

Nifty Email Breaks Down Weekly Gaming Habits

With 168 hours in a given week, you can put in some serious game sessions. How much time you actually put in can be easily answered by your Weekly Play Summary. This handy little email breaks down your gameplay hours, earned achievements, and new games added during the past week. If you spent more time sleeping than gaming, I’m really disappointed in you. Just kidding!

Easily Browse Game Titles by Platform, Series, and More

Did you know our Zelda Universe topic page on Raptr consists of 18 different Zelda games, from Ocarina of Time to Skyward Sword? With a new Games tab added to specific topic pages, you can now see and discover which game titles, including expansions, make up a Series, Universe, Genre, Company, or Platform!

Know When New Releases Hit the Shelves

Browse recently released and upcoming games by heading over to your Games tab on your dashboard. The New Releases feature even shows you how many more excruciating days before you can get your hands on the newest Raving Rabbids game. I know you’re dying to play it. And while you wait, make sure you click on the “Follow” button to stay updated with all the latest news and content for that game.

For a full list of tweaks and improvements, see the website release notes.

  1. MR LOXY says:

    Great new addition to my inbox, cheers! Also diggin’ the New Releases section of the site!

    Good work!

  2. Awesome features, goog job, thanks

  3. آب شیرین کن اسمز معکوس

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