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Raptr Report — Zynga Games Rival Core Games In Total Playtime, Franchise Strength

Raptr Report: Zynga

You already knew Zynga was huge – but did you know Raptr users have logged more hours playing Zynga’s Ville series of games than Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War, Mass Effect, and the Grand Theft Auto franchises combined? That’s a lot of strawberry farming and cow clicking.

Zynga’s projected $15-20 billion valuation makes it one of the decade’s most highly anticipated IPOs. Everyone wants to understand how Zynga will continue to grow and engage its massive user base. Our exclusive Raptr Report sheds light on all this.

This Raptr Report provides details about Zynga’s users and their gaming behavior – including stats on playtime, session length and frequency, user conversion from game to game, and much more – helping to shed light on why Zynga remains top dog when it comes to social games. Even Zynga’s own analysts haven’t seen our exclusive data on both traditional console and PC gamer habits! We know how you love Raptr data so we’ve posted the entire Zynga Raptr Report here. To keep it interesting, check out some of the highlights below:

Raptr Report: Zynga -- Conversion Rate Comparison

Zynga’s FarmVille to CityVille conversion rate stacks up favorably against that of many core franchises.

But it’s not just FarmVille players that are loyal; for almost any given Zynga title, between 80% and 95% of players also play another Zynga game. And they play often, like eight sessions a day on average for Ville series gamers – compared to roughly two play sessions a day for Call of Duty and Warcraft series fans. But they don’t play for all that long: 41 minutes per day for Ville gamers compared to 177 and 252 for CoD and Warcraft respectively.

Yet, a few die-hard Zynga gamers – we call ’em Zynga’s “Two-Percenters” – do average upwards of 120 minutes of gameplay per day. You may know a few: They’re the ones constantly Facebook guilt-tripping you to send them more energy in Empires & Allies or help upgrade their CityVille bakery.  And they’re probably laying out some cash, too – to the tune of $500-800 million in 2010.

Raptr Report: Zynga -- Total Xbox 360 Social Gamers

And while Zynga led the way in creating a new kind of game and a new kind of gamer, hardcore and social gamers are approaching their own version of a singularity. In 2010, only 20% of Xbox 360 players also played a Zynga game. So far in 2011, that number is already at 30%.

That’s just a taste – download the full Zynga Raptr Report here. And look for a much larger Raptr Report on the overall state of the social gaming landscape coming later this year!

A note about methodology:
This report is based on data collected from Raptr’s service, available at, and was generated with no input or data from Zynga itself. Raptr is the leading social network for gamers and currently tracks gameplay activity for over 10 million users across PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Built with powerful proprietary data tracking features, Raptr analyzes more than 23 million gaming sessions and a billion minutes of gameplay each month, and Raptr is the industry’s only source for comprehensive gameplay trends and statistics across console platforms and PC.

This Raptr Report analyzes actual gameplay data for the following Zynga games: Empires & Allies, CityVille, Treasure Isle, FrontierVille, Café World, FarmVille, Texas Hold’em Poker, PetVille, YoVille, and Mafia Wars. Data is compiled from the launch of Raptr (2007) to August 2011.

  1. Leo Ascendent says:

    Only zynga game I play is Vampire Wars, never understood the fun of clicking cows/strawberries. I do like the harvest moon series oddly enough.

  2. Bulkzerker says:

    Those 2% are what the rest of the world call addicted. Much like people in eve that buy multiple plex a month, have 5 accounts, and are in a 1 man corp. (Dunno of any ladies that do this. Most of them play alongside their significant other.)

  3. Matt says:

    Not surprising considering Microsoft has been heavily marketing the 360 and Kinect to the Facebook casual gamer crowd for the past few years. So it’s probably less “Xbox gamers playing Zynga games” and more “Zynga gamers playing Xbox games.”

  4. priya kumari says:

    nice to see this . Zynga Games Support

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