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All new Raptr app feature: Screenshot capture and easy upload!

While you may be busy these days playing around with the brand new website, now is a good time to also update your Raptr app, as we are introducing a new feature: Screenshot capturing!

True, screenshot capture has been working on the Raptr app for a couple months now for certain users, but we wanted to improve upon the feature in a way that made it more useful. Once you capture some screenshots, you can share them with all your friends. Here’s a short guide on how to take screenshots and upload them to, Facebook, or Twitter:

Pull up any PC game with in-game supported via the Raptr app. Currently there are hundreds of PC games that Raptr actively supports, with dozens more added each month. To capture a screenshot, you can pull up the in-game overlay and press the “Screenshot” button. Or for those who love shortcuts, you can use the hotkey “Page Up + s”. Once you finish your game, Raptr will take all of your screenshots and display them to you in your Raptr app, specifically in the Games Manager tab.

Pick your screenshot, and decide if you want share it on, or even your own Facebook or Twitter page. Write in some colorful description, and BAM! It’s for the world to see.

Start sharing your screenshots with your friends and the Raptr community!

We’ve also made some other improvements with the app, so check out the release notes here. Enjoy!

  1. Essa opçao de screenshots ficou mto boa, gostei.

  2. @Lachtan says:

    Now that’s awesome, but what about real time sharing?
    Taking a screenshot and then instantly sharing it using raptr overlay on facebook/twitter.

    Community, do you think it a good idea?

  3. David says:

    I think that is a great idea @lachtan

    I also think they need to make a mac client for us Mac folks so we can use it. Sucks that they have this great app but we cant use it

  4. daniel says:


  5. jean fellipe says:

    fikou tudo mas pratiko agora

  6. appvv says:

    Raptr consistently caused my Asus-based Intel PC running Win7-64 to crash when put in sleep mode. Removing Raptr solved problem.

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