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Introducing The New Raptr Website!

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new Raptr website. Not only have we redesigned the entire website with a slick new interface, but we added a number of new features. The most notable is your brand new feed.

The Brand New Raptr Feed

The new Raptr website introduces a personalized news feed for all things gaming. Based on your gaming activity, we will be able to intelligently serve up the top gaming news stories from around the net for only the games you care about. All of this is generated by our great Raptr community, where you can submit the stories you want to share, vote on the stories you like best, and leave commentary on the things that catch your fancy. In addition, we’re introducing a way to follow just about any type of content related to gaming from Cosplay to Alienware! Check out our “how to use the new Raptr Website” guide for more details.

Improved sharing

On the old Raptr you could only update your status and share that with your friends. With the new Raptr Website, anybody can share anything from the Internet on Raptr. Tag topics to what you find to share with the community! Check out our “Guide on posting” for more details.

Notifications and Changes to your Profile Page

A vast majority of users come to Raptr to see if their hours had tracked. Rather than having to navigate to your profile page, we have now placed all updates you care about in notifications. Now you know when you’ve received a message, played a game session, or got an up vote all in one organized location. This is detailed more in our “Improvements to your profile page” post.

There are tons more improvements, from the game pages to our new search function, but we won’t ramble on anymore so you can get back to playing with the site. The old website is still available at old.raptr.com if you want to compare! Give us your feedback on Raptr.com by clicking the FEEDBACK tab on the right! The Dino lives off of it.

  1. Kriahria says:

    Looks great, but is there any reason the gray bar on the bottom needs to be so large ?

    Image: http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1bwxc/c57h

  2. Stormwaltz says:

    I don’t care for it, for three reasons.

    1) As Kriahria mentioned, the grey bar on the bottom takes up 20-15% of the screen (I’m using Firefox 3.6.17 under Vista 64). Why?

    2) I’d rather see all my individual play sessions rather than a lump-sum amalgamation at the top.

    3) I preferred having my “about” information at the top of my wall, rather than shunted off on a separate page no one’s likely to ever look at.

  3. Stormwaltz says:

    Oh, and where did my identities go? I can still set them, but they’re no longer displayed anywhere.