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Portal 2 Infographic – How much Portal have you been playing?

The guys over at GameSpot love Portal 2 just as much as we do. So we pulled off a co-op session to create the next Raptr Report. We supplied the data, Gamespot created the infographic.  Now let’s dig in and find out just how much Portal you guys have been playing!

A couple of things standout regarding the data we culled from gamers who played the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game (we should note that the PS3 was down during this timeframe, so we didn’t include that data since it skewed the results.) In less than a month, more than 60% of gamers have completed the single player, which is on the high end compared with just about any game. Kudos to all the clever gamers out there who were able to solve all the puzzles, as well as much praise to Valve for creating such a compelling game. (If you fancy an interesting comparison of what % of gamers complete the single player mode for popular games, check out this article on Ars Technica.)

On the flip side, less than 2% of gamers we tracked have played Portal 2 for more than 30 hours, which highlights an interesting challenge for this game. Most gamers are able to get their fill of both the single player mode and the co-op mode in less than 30 hours. Replay value is limited since there’s little incentive to come back and beat the same puzzles, and there is no true multiplayer modes available.

These two combined stats suggest a possible situation where Valve could be faced with a lot of gamers who aren’t going back to play Portal 2 anymore. Valve does seem to recognize this challenge, and has done two things to indicate they are attempting to address it. First off, within the 1st month of release, a number of retailers (online and offline) sold the game at a huge discount, as low as $30-40 for the PC and console versions of the game, as a way to combat the potential threat of a big flux of Portal 2 games being sold into the used games market (though we should note there could be another possibility on why there was a big sale for the boxed copy of the game – A good chunk of gamers are buying the digital downloaded version on Steam.) Second, Valve has quickly announced that DLC for the game is coming out for Portal 2, as a way to encourage users to hold tight in anticipation for more Portal 2 content. To make it even more enticing for gamers to hold tight, Valve has also indicated that the DLC will be free to download. To date, no actual release date has been announced.

Here are some even more interesting stats to dig into:  A number of games that are related to Portal 2 saw a massive spike in playtime in the month leading up to the release of the sequel. We’ve seen this trend before with other games, where a highly anticipated sequel will result in gamers going back to play the older versions of the game, but not to this degree with Portal 2. Right before the release of Portal 2, Portal: Still Alive went on sale on Xbox Live resulting in a spike in playtime by over 1400%. Similarly, Steam players who pre-ordered Portal 2 got the original Portal as an incentive, which resulted in a spike in playtime by over 450%. Valve over the years have crafted a powerful launch strategy in generating additional interest for a game by offering promotional incentives, and Portal 2 is a great example of this.

What’s not shown in the infographic is how playtime for the Potato Sack games performed leading up the the launch of Portal. 2. Valve made a bold move by enticing gamers to buy a pack of indie games and playing them to unlock a early release date for Portal 2. While the promo wasn’t without controversy, the impact was clear. Playtime for these indie games shot up over 877% during the week before Portal 2 launch.

What do you think? Was Portal 2 really all you expected? How do you compare to these statistics?

  1. Brent Jareske says:

    Wow, that’s probably one of the best things I’ve seen all week. Awesome job Raptr!

  2. Connor says:

    humm these are a bit off with what I did. 27 hours in the first two days. O.o

  3. Don Pere says:

    I’ve enjoyed Portal 2, but I think that in the first Portal game, we had more freedom. And I prefer ‘Still Alive’ than ‘Want You Gone’ xD

  4. Sam Van Acker says:

    Um i think i’m in that %age that has all of it,… completed game and co-op, played over 30 hours all in first week XD

  5. aravind says:

    Thanks a lot.

  6. Eduardo says:

    I played more than 30 hours, because my PC need this just to load the game!

  7. Jane says:

    Hi,I am cleurntry working on allowing the hotkeys to be customizable. I will write a new post on it, once it is done. Keep an eye out for it.Thanks,Aravind

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