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Raptr Podcast #2 – All Things Gaming Featuring Mustin from The OneUps

After a successful first episode, the Raptr Podcast has returned with a brand new episode. This time with an official name and an exclusive interview with The OneUps, a rockin’ band with a passion for video game music.

In this week’s episode, we reveal an upcoming new feature that will expand topics to all things gaming. In addition, we chat about some recent data we supplied for an Ars Technica article, confirming that games are getting much shorter. We also discuss the phenomenon we call, “The video game tragedy”.

After dusting off our trusty Rolodex, we called up Mustin, who is the co-founder and band leader of a video game music band known as The OneUps. In this interview, we talk about the strangest venue The OneUps played at, how the group nearly got disbanded, and their upcoming debut tune that will probably be as popular as the game itself.

So put your headphones on and start listening to the Raptr Podcast #2 now!

To download the podcast, right click this link and click “Save link as”. Click OK to save the podcast onto your computer. You can also find us on iTunes by searching “Raptr” in the iTunes Store. Make sure you subscribe so you can automatically download new episodes as they come!

1:26 – Do you recognize our theme song?
3:50 – The solution to overcoming scary games…wimping out
6:12 – We picked an official podcast name!
7:08 – Upcoming new Raptr feature revealed – Expanding topics to all things gaming
9:40 – Are games getting too short?
10:00 – The video game tragedy
16:54 – Interview with Mustin from The OneUps begins
20:58 – One of the strangest venues The OneUps rocked out in
23:08 – Just when The OneUps were planning to disband…
33:25 – Over 100 million people will recognize The OneUp’s next debut tune

Special thanks to Mustin and The OneUps for allowing us to use their music in our podcast! You can check out their music at their Bandcamp page.

We hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and stay tuned for our next Raptr podcast!

  1. Bartholomew Cubbins says:

    I love the oneups! Thanks Raptr, great job on the podcast, keep it coming!

  2. Matt says:

    I liked the sonic song! Check out a great video game band called Powerglove =]

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