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Raptr Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Report: Infographic and hard-hitting stats

Marvel vs Capcom 2 fans have been waiting for Marvel vs Capcom 3 for a decade, so pent up demand has been riding high for several months now as Capcom has done a great job in stoking interest. We decided to dig deeper into gaming stats for MvC 3 to see what play habits have developed for the game. Are fans of fighting games still as rabid as they once were? What is the most popular team? Your questions are answered!

First, we wanted to see just how hardcore MvC3 players are. Judging by the data, ~10% of players complete the game with every character, have beaten the game on the hardest difficulty, or win 5 online matches in a row. As for the truly elite, only .28% have unlocked every achievement. Naturally, we can debate all day about what truly represents “hardcore”. For those that believe that multiplayer is where the true champs shine, our data shows that less than 2% of gamers were able to surpass the “1st” class rank or has fought someone who has.

One fascinating stat comparison is that within the 1st week, 40% of gamers who bought Marvel vs Capcom 2 on XBLA, went on to play Marvel vs Capcom 3. In addition, 35% of gamers who own Street Fighter 4 also went onto pick up Marvel vs Capcom 3. That is a high degree of conversion when compared with some other games we looked at in the past. As an example, in the 1st week of release, only 24% of Madden 10 players picked up Madden 11, and 22% of Dead Space gamers went on to get their hands on Dead Space 2.

And just for fun, we wanted to see the most popular combinations of characters. Since we don’t actually have access to MvC3’s data, we went for the next best thing: the themed teams that were made into Achievements/trophies. The most popular was “Weapon X”, the team consisting of Wolverine, X-23, and Deadpool. Who doesn’t like slicing enemies with claws and swords? In last place, “Badds to the Bone” consisting of Nathan Spencer, Iron Man, and MODOK. No surprise there!

The final thing we wanted to look into was whether MvC3 fans play any other fighting games. To our surprise, the only other relevant fighting game that even resonated with MvC3 fans is Street Fighter 4. Tekken, Soulcalibur and even Mortal Kombat all didn’t much much of a blip with this Capcom fanbase.

How we conduct our reporting

On a final note, since we started publishing our Raptr Reports last year, a number of our fans have asked how we compile our data. The answer is that it’s not a very simple process! If a gamer is using Raptr, we can track gameplay hours, achievements, and a bunch of other stats on a macro level. With several million registered users, we now have a large enough pool of gamers to pull interesting stats that we believe represents an overall gaming community. We often times don’t know exactly what we are looking for when we first go digging through the data until interesting trends or data points start to stand out. We typically vet our stats in several ways, which include running data reports in different ways to see if patterns emerge that are consistent, isolating certain criteria to double check that each data point we pull appears accurate, as well as compare our assumptions with known industry stats regularly to see if they hold water. If we do run into a stat that just doesn’t quite seem to jive, we just won’t report it (and in fact, we’ll often go back to see how we can improve our stats tracking so that it’s better.) Other times, the stats just aren’t interesting enough to share. Ultimately, our goal is to share some insights into gaming behavior in a way that generates interesting debates.

  1. Dacres says:

    could you get the PSN analog to the XBLA data you got? there was an mvc2 HD remix on psn right?

  2. otter says:

    This is interesting data, but only represents “casual” users. Most fanatics are almost exclusively interested in offline sessions, engine subtleties, and efficient combos. Things that can’t be associated with achievements/trophies.

  3. Satanas says:

    “Most fanatics are almost exclusively interested in offline sessions”

    This is 100% wrong. The problem with this data is it barely tells of the online play, and focuses on singleplayer stats. All competitive players will be playing online and at tournaments. While it can’t gather tournament data, it should be able to get some online data (average ranked match wins, average stats, things on the player card).

    Engine subtleties was a worry people had back in 2000. No competitive player stays offline because of the chance of lag

  4. Trophy says:

    YEA I LOVE X-23 and Dead Pool :)

  5. gerardo says:

    i like deadpol and wolverine

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