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Raptr roars past six million members and secures additional $15M financing

It’s amazing to see how far Raptr has come in the last year. Today, we are pleased to announce two major milestones regarding our growth. Raptr has officially over 6 million members and we’ve just secured an additional $15 million in funding.

With this money and growth, we hope to bring even more features to gamers. You might have seen more press coverage regarding our game tracking app or our Raptr Reports, which highlight interesting playtime trends we see from our user base. If you are a regular reader of GameSpot, GamePro, or 1UP, you likely noticed Raptr’s game tracking widget featured on their site. However, this isn’t the time for us to sit back and just watch our numbers grow. We’re committed to bringing something that you’ll find useful and engaging, and we’re only just getting started. We have a lot of things cooking, so if you want to work at an awesome company, join our team!

If you love checking out stats and figures (and we know you do), we put together a handy infographic that summarizes some fascinating figures regarding Raptr. You can check out the infographic here.

Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for you, our community. Thanks for making Raptr part of your life. Thanks for helping us troubleshoot bugs and coming up with great feedback on how to make the product better. Thanks for making us awesome.

Finally, we want to give a shout out to our investors and board of directors for believing in our grand vision. Special thanks to DAG Ventures, Tenaya Capital, Accel Partners, the Founders Fund, as well as Max and James.

We’re happy to be able to say that Raptr is the fastest growing social networking platform for gamers. Stay tuned, because we are only just getting started. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Riftstalker says:

    Congrats! Six million raptors is one scary sight.

  2. U2NUMB says:

    Wow.. just wow.. congrats to you guys. Over 6 million? Amazing number.

    Thinking how fast this has grown you all deserve a vacation at some point and hope you can sneak it in. We appreciate all the hard work you guys put into Raptr.

    Round of applause for the entire Raptr team!

  3. Ca9ine says:


    That is awesome news!
    I’ve advocated Raptr ever since I discovered it, and never doubted for a second you’d reach this level of awesomeness!

    Keep it up!

  4. TheChrisD says:

    Why do you have to pick on the lack of people in my country D:

  5. Nionio says:

    Great work guys, sure you all deserve this cause such a hard work and efforts must be rewarded. I wish the best for the Raptr and i am sure that you will make this service even greater ( ADD SOME BATTLEFIELD THEMES!!! :P ).


  6. Paul Ziem says:

    awesome concept n dedication,love yur office promo video,but like all other companies,u seem to be ignoring Africa…..hope this changes soon.There’s gamers here to u know.

  7. Mark says:

    Can you use a few hundred (if it even costs that much) out of that $15 million to make an Android app or are you going to keep leaving us Android users in the dark?

  8. JustJayde says:

    Awesome :D It has been fun watching raptr grow up into a big handsome dino ;)

  9. Absolutely fantastic news. When i started using raptr, a knew it was fantastic by just seeing the IM In-Game system and better yet, unlike others that have tried, IT WORKED!! Much better than X-Fire and one of, if not THE best essential must have app for any gamer on almost any system.

    Keep up the good work guys, You deserve that $15m ;)

  10. MAC NOW says:

    great, with that 15 million can i please track my psn stuff ON MY MAC PLEASE

  11. MAC PLEASE says:

    awesome, but please we need ps3 trophies tracked on mac

  12. Eric Mesa says:

    Congrats guys!

    With all the new money and attention, here’s my feature request list:
    1) allow me to have a page where all my games are ranked. Right now I can only see the top 6 games.
    2) get Sony to let you auto-track PS3 games. Having to enter it manually is annoying.
    and, in the dream world
    3) track games on Linux

  13. Josh says:

    Dang, that’s a LOT of minutes! That equals 19207.8 YEARS total!

  14. Maya says:

    i used to own PC but now i own 3 macs and love them, even i play vidyas on it. so please, give me raptr for mac, i’m only using the old pc for your software…

  15. nasser says:

    Ilover you reptr

  16. madkingdom says:

    im new with this client..but it seems great so far!
    congrats for this achievement!!


  17. FlameMan says:

    Hey! What’s with Polish language? Do you stop support it? Or simply forgot?

  18. FlameMan says:

    Awww, nevermind. I opened too many tabs in my browser. I should read “Raptr Reaches 10 Million Users”. Sorry.

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