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What type of gamer plays DC Universe Online? We answer the question

A few weeks ago Sony Online Entertainment released their much anticipated superhero game, DC Universe Online (DCUO). Good superhero games are hard to come by, and considering that this is the 1st MMORPG featuring a lineup of DC heroes and villians, expectations are high. Overall, reception seems to be strong.

Naturally, when talking about the MMO space, comparisons to WoW are inevitable. While no game thus far has overthrown the king of massively, it’s still fascinating to see how DCUO has affected overall gaming habits. Let’s take a look at some Raptr data for the PC verison to see if we find some good nuggets of info.

The first thing that we looked at was the top 10 other games played. What other games do DCUO players play?

    1. World of Warcraft
    2. League of Legends
    3. StarCraft 2
    4. Call of Duty: Black Ops
    5. Eve Online
    6. Lord of the Rings Online
    7. Champions Online
    8. Aion
    9. Red Dead Redemption
    10. Star Trek Online

By looking at the data, we see that DCUO players have a particular bend for multiplayer games. While there are a number of MMORPGs listed, it’s interesting to see some FPS, and RTS games in the mix as well. This could be because DCUO prides itself in being a deep MMO mixed with action oriented gameplay more akin to RTS or FPS games.

Next, we looked at the top 10 games DCUO stole playtime from. We calculated this by looking at what DCUO players played before DCUO’s release, and which games had the largest decrease in playtime after DCUO’s launch.

    1. World of Warcraft
    2. StarCraft 2
    3. Aion
    4. Battlefield Bad Company 2
    5. Mass Effect 2
    6. Call of Duty: Black Ops
    7. Mafia 2
    8. Team Fortress 2
    9. Eve Online
    10. Warhammer Online

Once again, we see a number of multiplayer games. While WoW was affected most, overall the dent is pretty minimal as the overall gameplay hours tracked for WoW week in/week out keeps it at the top of the charts.

Finally, we looked at top other MMOs DCUO players played. To our surprise, the top games weren’t superhero games, though Champions Online and City of Heroes were on the list. It should be noted that recently, games like Lord of the Rings Online and Champions Online have both gone free to play, which pulled in a lot of new gamers.

    1. World of Warcraft
    2. Eve Online
    3. Lord of the Rings Online
    4. Champions Online
    5. Aion
    6. Star Trek Online
    7. Final Fantasy 14
    8. Everquest 2
    9. City of Heroes

Overall, the most obvious bit of data that stands out is that gamers who play DCUO are heavily into MMORPGs specifically, and generally play multiplayer games . There seems to be less of a connection with the theme of the game (in the case, SUPERHEROES!) than with the type of games these gamers play.

Well, that’s our short analysis. What do you think?

  1. anon82 says:

    This is a great article. I really only like playing multiplayer games these days but also liked Batman: Arkham Asylum so picked this up. Based on the reviews though and associated user comments for DCUO I’m skipping it and playing WoW: Cataclysm instead (especially when I get my new PC).

  2. anonymous says:

    should take out that garbage game called League of Legends and replace it with Heroes Of Newerth

  3. Former MMXI/JMXI worker says:

    Your analysis would go over much better with a reporting methodology, if you actually have one.

  4. Axis says:

    Unless you’ve lived under a rock the last 10 years that statement has been common knowledge. And every new major mmo will pull gamers away from the top 10 games on down the line fairly synchronously regardless of methodology.

  5. Its a very informative site and this is a good article and very interesting.

  6. @anonymous I think League of Legends is more entertaining to keep playing than HoN :P

  7. David Dunlap says:

    @anonymous… More ppl play LoL than HoN, the stats were based on that, HoN didn’t even come close to the same number of players… HoN just needs to go F2P if they want to compete with the popularity of LoL.

  8. iMore says:

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