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Raptr Madden 11 Report – Raptr Exclusive Data

As promised, below are a bunch of stats that weren’t in the main Raptr Madden NFL 11 Report

Overall playtime over the last year for Madden 10:

This graph shows the overall play time for Madden NFL 10 from launch til now. We’ve highlighted a couple of events which resulted in spikes and dips. Overall, the game experienced the usual initial explosion and gradual decrease seen with other Madden games. What’s fascinating is that play time for Madden 10 spiked +237% the month before Madden 11 launch,  suggesting that gamers went back to warm up their fingers for the upcoming sequel.

Top five social games that Madden NFL 11 players play:

  1. Farmville
  2. Mafia Wars
  3. Castle Age
  4. Social City
  5. Frontierville

Our data shows that over 20% of core gamers play social games – Madden players are no different. Farmville remains the dominant game that most people play.

Top 10 games Madden 11 stole playtime from:

  1. NCAA Football 11
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  3. Madden 11 Demo
  4. Madden 10
  5. MLB 2K10
  6. NBA 2K10
  7. Gears of War 2
  8. NHL 10
  9. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
  10. Mass Effect 2

Our original report showed the top 5 games that people stopped playing to pick up Madden NFL 11. This data expands it to the top 10, and we decided to include the Madden 11 demo, though technically it’s not a full game. This expanded list does show more non sports games in the mix.  Mass Effect 2 and even Castlevania are a bit of surprise to us, considering that one game has been out for a while, and the other is a DLC only game on XBLA.

Madden 11 demo conversions:

Madden 11’s demo converted 30% of the people who played it to pick up the full version within the first week. Last year, Madden 10 showed a 45% conversion in that same time frame. While both numbers are impressive, it seems that up take this year was down quite a bit. We’d love to hear your theories on why this may be the case.

Madden 11 Achievements:

You can always check out all the Achievements for Madden 11 and the percentage of people who have earned them already! Sony hasn’t publicly released their trophy data yet, so PS3 players will have to wait!

We hope you enjoyed the Raptr Madden NFL 11 Report! Expect more to come!

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To view the main Raptr Madden NFL 11 Report, click here.

Data was gathered from what we tracked within the Raptr community. For games that people were pulled away from, data was tracked for the week prior to Madden NFL 11 launch, and the following week.

This report is independently generated, and not officially sponsored by any other party. All information is based on data tracked on an aggregate level using Raptr’s app. Data for Madden NFL 11 is based on 1st week of sales (the game was officially released on Aug 10, 2010.) Achievements tracked are specific for the Xbox 360 platform.

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  2. ipunchedGOD898 says:

    People that play Madden also play FarmVille? Say it isn’t so!

  3. gamergirl says:

    juxtaposing the social games and playtime games (the top 10 list) it’s such a contrast, interesting

  4. PixelBlades says:

    Well sports gamers love keeping track of all sorts of stats and those social games up there are no exception. Kind of throws away the sports gamer stereotype though!

  5. mdneilson says:

    I missed the DLC. I will have to look for it… it is usually too expensive anyway. :(

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  7. Tristan says:

    In for Madden 11 for 360 please!

  8. ExtentAK says:

    Haha, The farmville fanatic relation to Madden was a little surprising. Very interesting list though. I’m kinda surprised about the spike in play right before release too, I think maybe because it’s post draft and the majority of free agency is over with so people have edited some fairly accurate 2010 rosters by this time. Personally it’s the time when I go trade in the previous version before the price totally drops.

  9. GG says:

    hm very surprising stats there

  10. Rhu says:

    The Madden 11 driving people back to Madden 10 is exactly what I used to do when I was younger. I would always go back and play the older year before the new release. :D

  11. Torazo says:

    Quite interesting statistics. I never would have thought Football players would play Farmville or even any Facebook App really.

  12. Crytick says:

    That’s usually how it goes they get reved up on a previous game before it comes out.

  13. shaqots says:

    Don’t get playing last years version prior to release but I guess it’s no different than playing the last halo or call of duty prior to their new releases.

  14. TheSupremeForce says:

    Some of those were pretty strange.

    I haven’t picked up Madden for the PS3 yet because I wasn’t ready to cut into my NCAA time. (See what I did there?)

  15. Jayo says:

    i thought it was usually people trading in the old one before the new game drops.. not playing even more

  16. Darklurkr23 says:

    Everyone always has to “brush up” when a new game in a series comes out. I’m not surprised the Super Bowl never has a free Madden game promo or something. You would think everyone in the stadium would go nuts over that

  17. digitalplagues says:


  18. Marvin says:

    Cool stats. Didn’t know about that. In for the contest!

  19. Thorgouge says:

    omg free stuffzzzzz

  20. PlayingMantis says:

    Never played any of those social games…just sayin. These are [mostly] guys you are talking about, right?

    The reason play time spikes for the previous year’s version before the new version comes out may be because they know EA will shut down the multi-player servers soon after the latest iteration is out.

    The play time drop-off after 1st week is huge. DLC barely slows the drop down, then the end of the football season leads it off to die. If the NFL added some more expansion teams and made the season longer, it would reduce that trough.

    In for the contest

  21. arthurfaarter says:

    Talk about useless facts. But I did read them all, and memorize most. Don’t judge me.

  22. BigDallas says:

    I have to agree that it is weird that people who play Madden actually play Farmville and games like that. The overall stats on this site are pretty impressive!

  23. USMasters says:

    I’m not a big online Madden player, but I have been ramping up my FIFA 10 playtime, in anticipation of FIFA 11 next month.

  24. SirEroSennin says:

    Wow. Didn’t know that a new game coming out made people play the previous game that much again.

  25. dieresis says:

    Hmm, didn’t think that the previous year’s Madden (Madden 10) spikes before the new one comes out, haha.

  26. Mash says:

    Yesss plz.
    360 ;)

  27. bs000 says:

    Stats are fun. I hope we get to see this kind of stuff for other games.

  28. James Campbell says:

    I don’t play any of those social games. Nor do I play Madden . . . FIFA 11!

  29. chickenbutt says:

    I’m surprised it was higher when the new DLC came out than when Madden 11 was coming soon.

  30. Dani says:

    That is an impressive spike of playtime for Madden 10 a month before the next iteration releases. Must really be the football season brewing, or gamers just can’t afford that extra cash to get Madden 11.. lol.

  31. Mono626 says:


  32. Obsidian Spire says:

    Why is it shitty Facebook games are so popular everywhere? They deserve no recognition for having nothing of value whatsoever!

  33. Mark L says:

    I guess everybody wanted to practice? Hmm. Interesting stats there. Wonder if this is true for other sports games.

  34. Iceman says:

    Wow, it’s cool to see Gears of War 2 up there as a game that got beat out by Madden 11, considering how old it is compared to the others. Cools stats overall.

  35. joejack says:

    sucks to be NCAA football 11

  36. Sexy C says:

    If you ask me, i’d rather see my bf play Madden football than scream his heads off with his buddies on Call of Duty. Therefore, I’m glad to see these stats, true story for me!

  37. I wonder what are the stats for used Madden copies that got taken right back to Gamestop.

  38. redboy says:

    interesting! I wonder if the spike occur across all games whenever it gets closer to its sequel being release.

  39. Hostile says:

    I’m surprised Madden players play social games at all.

  40. Mark says:

    EA should patch in the pointer passing from wii into the PS3 when Move comes out.

  41. Ken says:

    must show friend these stats. lol

  42. Pinky9 says:

    It does seem obvious that Madden 11 would take time away from Madden 11 Demo.

  43. Lisa rosa says:

    I fond this post very interesting and informative

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