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Raptr Madden 11 Report – Infographic and Analysis

Welcome to the Raptr Madden NFL 11 Report! As we announced in the last blog, we’re starting a monthly series to share some insightful gaming industry stats. This first batch of factoids is about our favorite football series, Madden.

To view additional Madden stats exclusive to our website, stop by here!

We chose Madden because it’s been around for ages and they have a strong following. Because of these two facts, seeing how much playtime the game gets and how it’s performed compared to previous years is particularly interesting.

How well did the demo to full game conversions go for Madden 11?  While the data shows a 30% conversion, which is impressive, this is a drop from last year.

Average Gameplay Session Length is also an indicator of how well the game did. This is how long someone was playing Madden 11 and Madden 10 in one sitting. EA apparently made amazing strides in reducing the amount of time people spend in menus and waiting for the action in the latest iteration of the game. EA has indicated that previously Maddens would take about 30 minutes to complete a full game. This year, by streamlining the experience, a game can take as little as 15 minutes to complete. So in theory, if we saw the average gameplay session length jump about 10.8% this year, it could potentially mean that a gamer could play as many as 7.8 games per session, vs 3.5 games per session last year.

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Let us know what you think! What would you like to see in a Raptr Report?

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  1. JabChrisJab says:

    Wow at those stats.

    I actually tried playing some Madden Moments at my friend’s house and some of them are pretty difficult.

  2. Mash says:

    I’ve never played a madden game in my life, but I’m sure it’s worth playing.
    I’m in, 360 plz.

  3. Parker Smith says:

    Great Contest and much thanks for giving us a chance at a sweet prize. I’m in for any game for the 360!

    thanks and plzzz.

  4. bs000 says:

    Moar easy achievements. I must has!

  5. James Campbell says:

    Seems Madden players play a lot of other sports games . . . & MW2.

  6. JWWWW says:

    Cool Games

  7. deviousnaraku says:

    Cool, never really got into Madden before, maybe I will this time.

  8. Dani says:

    Woah, those are some crazy stats. 7.8 games per session???? That is insane! The most games I’ve played was 3 (won a football series 2 games to 1 against a friend.. Go cowboys! lmao.) and I was all footballed out for an entire week! Man, I guess there are people who are truly in love with the sport.

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  10. Obsidian Spire says:

    That’s a high sell rate for the demo users and Madden 10. I hate to admit it, but I’m impressed.

  11. Mark L says:

    How exactly do they know they stole game times from other games?

    Remember that they cut the minutes per game to about half from the last game. That explains most of the jump of games per session.

  12. Iceman says:

    Holy crap, play time for Madden 10 spiked 237% before the launch of Madden 11, geez, I expected it to spike but that’s a butt load. And I guess I’m part of the 30% who have tried the demo and now have the full game.

  13. joejack says:

    aw only 30% get the game from demo?

  14. Sexy C says:

    Interesting stats, but what about some stats on girls playing Madden? It would be so much more interesting to see how many girls are included in these stats.

  15. Madden would be in trouble right now if it weren’t for their exclusive NFL license. Only if today we had Game Day,NFL2k and even ESPN football because those were real football games. Madden is just a yearly roster update with better graphics. I know I ain’t going to win with a response like that but it’s the truth….

  16. redboy says:

    maybe have stats on averages on stuff like passing/run distances.

  17. Hostile says:

    It would be interesting to know how many years people skip on Madden. The last one I played was Madden NFL 07 on the Wii.

  18. The Ju1ce says:

    love me a free EA game

  19. Mark says:

    EA should patch in the pointer passing from wii into the PS3 when Move comes out.

  20. HannibalLeon says:

    I still think that ncaa is better…madden is wayyy too broken

  21. Ken says:

    free EA game where

  22. Pinky9 says:

    How is playing in the Pro bowl a tough achievement?

  23. jawdroppuh says:

    MOAR football yay

  24. Not Impressed says:

    More inaccurate facts from Raptr. Obviously the number of users on Raptr has definitely increased since last year so it would be stupid to try to compare figures collected to day to last year. It just doesn’t make any sense. Besides not every gamer is synced to Raptr. That’s millions more.

  25. needler says:

    madden yumm..

  26. I don’t know about this. The current one is garbage, but it looks decent. This one, it is so much well. Raptr madden 11 report in a web page. It is analysis blog site.

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