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The Raptr iPhone App Is Now Live!

The Raptr iPhone app is now live! The link to download is here or you can just search “Raptr” in the app store.

– Know what all your friends are playing on Raptr and Xbox Live in real-time.
– Automatically add all your Xbox Live friends
– Raptr tracks your Xbox gameplay and achievements and saves them to your profile on
– Send Raptr messages, Xbox Live messages, and texts from within the app to your friends.
– Find and add friends using your iPhone address book, Twitter, and Xbox Live.
– Add and show your PSN, Xfire, Steam, Xbox, Wii identities.

– See what all your friends are playing on PSN and Steam in real-time.
– Customizeable push notifications based upon certain games and friends
– View and compare game libraries and achievements
– Deeper profile information

Check it out and let us know what you think!

  1. domparn says:

    Couldn’t care less about xbox and the raptr friends is nice but the reason I use raptr is because you have all IM’s in one. This needs msn and Steam before I would care to use it.

  2. felix bravo says:

    this is a good program, i like it

  3. Shinsei ZNX says:

    I agree, if it could implement the IM features as the PC version does it would be really great.

  4. AliceKaye says:

    It needs all the PC features and also could definitely use an iPad version…

  5. mrd says:

    needs support for browser games like mafia wars,top gun,and other fb ,myspace etc games like that,needs like other ppl say more im features ,also a android version would be nice ,but besides that i like where it going keep up the good work!

  6. MANorton says:

    How about an Android version please! We are taking over the world after all. . and you can hold the phone any way you want.


  7. Br0ther Lawrence says:

    This should mean an Android version is on the way. We aren’t yet first on the list but give android another year or two with the Iphone on AT&T

  8. brett says:

    been waiting for an app like this, can’t wait til you can see/communicate with steam friends!

  9. Baihu1983 says:

    Nice work

  10. BlueLiquidPlus says:

    I hope to see this on the Android Market soon :)

  11. Jesus Nieves says:

    Some people have BlackBerry Love!

  12. K0MA says:

    @domparn there are steam and msn(Live) but if you will have all IM in one then use Trillian it’s rock the apps :D

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  15. app store says:

    The app is pretty awesome. I just loved it.

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    We all need to get the gta cheats here.

  17. i just loved this app using in my mobile.Thank you for sharing

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