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Raptr Community Tweets: Part 1

Raptr members have been tweeting about their gameplay since day one and have come up with very unique ways of expressing themselves.

Some customize to connect with friends:

…just started playing Halo 3. which is an awesome game. play w/me http://raptr.com/evilsnail
…is boss at Halo 3. Hit me with a message if you want to play. http://raptr.com/SgtSixx
…is playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on Xbox Live, anyone fancy a game? Gamertag Ooberkev http://raptr.com/ooberkev

Some customize to show off their skills:

…is PWNing faces at The Sims 3. http://raptr.com/ottoman673
…is kicking ass on Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged http://raptr.com/twixie09
…is gaming! The dog launched Team Fortress 2 for some pwnz0rz! http://raptr.com/Ca9ine

Some customize just to be silly:

…Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No it’s the KaraBox nom-ing on Call of Duty: World at War! http://raptr.com/CatzMeg
…Bitch Where’s My Money?! Don’t Tell Me You Spent It On Burnout Paradise. http://raptr.com/Otacon91
…can has Halo 3? http://raptr.com/SoulStorm

And some customize to… be understood by their friends:

…Ha empezado ha jugar Dark Sector. http://raptr.com/frogx4
…WÅ‚aÅ›nie zaczÄ…Å‚em grać w Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. http://raptr.com/MacDoombek
…DaNDo TRaNCaZoS eN Mirror’s Edge. http://raptr.com/LinKoZ

How will you express yourself? We look forward to seeing on Twitter!

  1. Nikki says:

    CatzMeg is my favorite! Nom nom nomming! SoulStorms made me giggle. I wonder if I can be up there one day~

    Ada_Wong @ Raptr

  2. Ca9ine says:

    \o/ I’m on the list! I’m honoured!

    Mind you! I’m not very skillfull, it’s just a silly line. I hardly “pwnz0rz” anyone… :o
    Cool to be on the list, though :D

    Cheers, Raptr!

  3. ottoman673 says:

    Haha, mine looks so unoriginal…

    besides, how do you pwn faces at sims 3 XD god i fail

  4. karizmatkstalyn says:

    Atta boy otacon! Not his best raptr variation but still pretty good.

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