Warhammer Online Character Tracking (and more!)

Warhammer Online

You spoke and we listened. As of today, you’ll be able to track your Warhammer Online characters in your Raptr profile. Once you enter your character(s), we automatically track your characters’ items, levels, and Renown in your feeds for all you friends to see. So if you hit Level 40 before any of your friends, they’ll know about it. :) Of course, we created a custom module for your characters, so visitors to your profile page can check them out and see how you’re doing.

Timezone Support

For those of you not in the Pacific time zone, we’ve also added a timezone option that will update all charts to reflect your time zone. Simply go to your Account Settings page and select the proper time zone. Now you’ll know for sure when your friends around the world are playing Rock Band 2 at midnight in your own time zone.

Search Improvements

We’ve also made some big behind the scenes improvements to our search engine. First, we made the button prettier and easier to understand that you can change what you’re searching directly from the header. We made the search engine much faster, so if your friends joined only a little while ago, they should show up in search results in just a few minutes. Last but not least, we added way more information to the index, so you can now search for things like gamertags and character names and you’ll be able to find them in Raptr. So if you had a great time playing Halo 3 with “osunick” on Xbox Live, simply search for “osunick” in player search and you’ll be able to see if they’re on Raptr.

The FAQ has also been updated with answers to the most frequently asked questions from our community, so please check it out if you have questions. If we haven’t answered one of your burning questions, shoot us a feedback message via the “Beta Feedback” widget on Raptr, or post a message in our forums. We read every bit of feedback we get and it helps us decide what to do next, so please let us know what you think!

  1. Syl says:

    EU servers support planned in a near future ?

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  3. Zenith says:

    Yep, EU servers would be appreciated, as in fact this applies to US Warhammer players only at the moment.

  4. Sam Law says:

    Thanks so much for the timezone adjustment, will make life significantly easier for international gamers such as myself :D

  5. Ducky says:

    Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brliinlat posts.

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