More and More Spore

We’d like to think our launch last week was the biggest gaming news this weekend but there’s little doubt that the real news was the launch of Will Wright and Maxis’ much anticipated Spore. If you’ve been playing it, you’ll no doubt have created a ton of creatures and wonders to share with other worlds and civilizations.

Of course, we here at Raptr want to help you share these legendary lifeforms with your friends and have been diligently integrating Spore related features. You may have seen some of them pop up already.

Here are some of the things we’ve added since Spore launched yesterday:

  • we automatically track Spore gameplay on Mac or PC when you have the Raptr app running
  • we will update your activity feed with Spore gameplay
  • when you add your Spore screen name we can automatically update your feed when you create new creatures or even when you make a revision to a creature
  • your creatures can be viewed in a Spore module on your profile page
  • any achievements you unlock in Spore can be shared with your friends automatically
  • as with anything else we sync with, you can optionally send updates on your social networks when any Spore event occurs

We can’t wait to see what you all create with this incredible game and creation engine! As usual, if you have any feedback, please let us know in our forums.

  1. SWATJester says:

    Will there be more games that get this level of integration? For instance, will Warhammer get special notices when you Rank up, complete a Public Quest, etc?

  2. Kevin Cheng says:

    Yes, there definitely will be more games with this level of integration. As for your specific example, I’ll just say, “stay tuned.” ;)

  3. Xiantayne says:

    Definitely LOTRO needs some integration love! :)

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