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Raptr Birthdays are Potentially Hazardous

It all started with our CEO Dennis’ birthday. We decided something had to be done to mark such an occasion. Several ideas were floated around. We remapped his computer to go to Yahoo! instead of Google, created a custom greeting message for his login at Raptr and brought in a helium tank to fill his office:


Ever since then, birthdays at Raptr have often been celebrated with harmless “pranks”. John, our backend engineer who seems to think everything is easy to do, came upon his Staples branded desk:

That Was Easy

Escalation is of course a given when it comes to pranks. Patrick, whose birthday coincided with St. Patrick’s Day, first met with a fortress of diet coke surrounding his desk. Expecting that to be the end of things, he later found his keyboard remapped and, as the cake arrived, fell under friendly fire:

pat pwned animated gif #1

Sometimes, it still makes sense to use animated gifs.

  1. Dennis says:

    Well played. You guys will pay dearly in the coming months when your birthdays roll around. :)

  2. Lloyd Budd says:

    Kevin, agreed, excellent use of the animated gif. Looks like your having lots of fun.

  3. Aaron says:

    I look so creepy in that gif.

  4. Rico D Suave says:

    Who’s next?

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